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Mix it up!

Term 3 has started and already the feedback is strong. We are starting each session with either tai-chi or a yoga warm-up, progressing to stretches then really MIXING IT UP this term. Each week we will have a different focus. This week is getting back to mat basics. There are no bells and whistles equipment or gadgets - just pure mat. When we focus on the basics of pilates we really engage back with our body, our posture, our alignment, our breath, our strength and our elastic stretch. I take care to overlay the principles of pilates regardless of the style of class we are doing. This ensures that each class reinforces what is important and allows us to absorb all the 'clever' that pilates offers.

During the class this week we are remembering our posture and alignment in all positions. We are being reminded of the 3 muscle groups that collaborate to become the 'core' (obliques, transversus abdominis and the pelvic floor). We are revisiting the basic movements while ensuring that we have created stability in both the pelvis and shoulder platform.

AND AT THE END..... gentle tealight lighting, a warm soft covering, a lavender eye pillow and true relaxation.

Each session is a complete experience. Each class should be fun, thought provoking and a true learning experience. We have started out Term 3 2020 remembering who we are as a studio. A place to be all that we can be.


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