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Our Teachers

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Our instructors are passionate about ensuring that your experience is all that it can be every time you enter the studio. The focus is on the individual and care is taken to ensure that each participant is fully engaged in each session with their particular needs being both identified and met.

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Tracy Abel


With 35 years behind me in the health and fitness industry - PILATES feels like home. I am always excited to enter the studio and present a class that is exciting, interesting, entertaining and full of 'take-aways' for my clients. I challenge myself to challenge my clients to discover the pleasure of PILATES. Each session has a focus and after each session, you should leave the studio more aware of your own body, having had a good laugh and feeling more connected with yourself.

I am intrigued by each 'body' that walks into PILATES PLUS and my goal is to ensure that you get the best experience possible. I want each session to be full of fun and focus so that you feel REAL progress by the end of each term.

Working with clients as they recover from injury has become a growing passion for me. My philosophy is to work on what we can, to support the things we can't do in the short term to ensure that full recovery can occur. I focus on the whole body so as well as protecting the injury site, we get a total body workout that feels great.

New clients are always welcome so come and join the fun that is PILATES PLUS.



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