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Kickstart 2016

Welcome to 2016. What are you hoping to achieve this year? How does health and well-being fit into your goals this year?

When I take time away from practising pilates for a few weeks I notice several things. Firstly I lose focus on the value of my breath. I am inclined to be more anxious - even though being 'on holiday' means I should be chilled out! Secondly my bad posture habits slowly creep back in and I become aware of my hips, shoulders, knees and lower back again.

We are back on board in the studio for casual classes from 12th January so I am so looking forwad to reconnecting with myself and getting my breath back. Here is the timetable if you are keen...

January Timetable 2016

Mon, Tues, Weds 9am and 5:30pm

12, 13, 14

20, 21, 22

26, 27, 28

I am working personally on my goals for this coming year and will keep you posted on these so that we can all work towards becoming all that we can be in 2016.

Talk again soon.



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