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Welcome to Pilates Plus

We are a boutique pilates studio based in Strandon, New Plymouth. We specialise in mat classes although we use other small equipment to ensure you get the best possible workout experience. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned pilates practioner, you will find the classes here both challenging and fun. People often ask, " What is the PLUS?". The answer is simple - with PILATES at the centre of each session, we use a variety of discplines to ensure you get a varied and exciting workout. There is o Pilates Barre and Pilates Bar, foam rollers, stability balls, fitness circles, hand weights, flex bands, yoga and tai-chi to add value to each workout.

With a beautiful waiting space, full shower room, toilet and changing space, Pilates Plus welcomes you to enjoy your class.

At the end of each session there is a full relaxation session, where you have your own luxurious blanket and lavender eye mask to add value to your experience.

Is Pilates for you?
Whether you are an exercise junkie, training for an event, a new Mum recovering her body or rehabilitating an injury - Pilates is the best form of exercise for YOU! It is a total body workout that connects you not only with your body but your breath and your mind also. Pilates enables us to be the 'BEST THAT YOU CAN BE'.
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